In my opinion, staging is a critical step in preparing one's home for the market, and often overlooked and dismissed as not necessary, and believing it won’t make that big of a difference. One of the first things people will ask is if their home is going to need to be staged, or if they can get away with skipping this step, almost always my recommendation is to stage. Not only does staging improve the photography, but it also sets the tone for every buyer walking through allowing them to envision living there. If you walk through any furniture or décor store where they have living areas staged, you see a flow of design, colours, furniture, artwork, etc. to show off the best angles and livability – the same effect we want to give to your home. No matter the size or shape of a room, staging is what stands out and brings life to it.

And it does not necessarily mean we will need to replace all furniture, paint, etc. Staging sometimes can be as simple as removing personal photos, moving artwork to another room, shuffling current furniture, changing bedding, tucking items away, removing items off counter spaces, etc.  

With staging done in house, we have more control in availability and working closely with you to make sure you have the support and direction you need.

Things you can do now to start preparing your home

• Pack away toys/odds and ends into containers that can stack in a closet or storage room

• Clear anything off the floor in walk in pantries, walk in closets, and bathrooms

• Organize cupboards and closets now so that it is ready for additional items if needed

• Have matching hand towels for bathrooms, preferably crisp white

• Bedding is best to be pastels or neutral shades, avoid patterns, and have fluffy pillows

• Remove personalized photos, awards, child’s artwork, etc. and tuck away

• Touch up paint where necessary


This past weekend I was able to watch and cheer on our beloved Toronto FC, aka “The Reds”, at the BMO Field in Toronto. The stadium was packed, and the energy was unreal. It has been such a blessing to be able to be out alongside so many people coming together to support their favourite sports teams (even for the other side). It reminds you of a few years ago when this was the norm, and we are slowly working our way back to that. They lost/won 1-1, but they are still my team and they gave it their all. Looking forward to getting back to another one, but also, I plan to host a giveaway through my social media for two tickets to an upcoming game so definitely keep an eye out!



What are property taxes and how do I know what mine will be? 

They are calculated using the Current Value Assessment of a property, as determined by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC), and multiplying it by the combined municipal and education tax rates for the applicable class of property.

Use these websites below to check out any property you may be interested in and you will see the current assessment, as well as the current property taxes that are to be paid annually, semi=annually, or monthly – you can choose this with the City when you set up your account after your home purchase.

Waterloo -

Kitchener -

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